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Here are some presentations, made during studies and missions by FiZ.

Smart Home: opportunities for Utilities as new Digital Operators - July 2020

As in the slide deck below, we analyze the new digital services that can be provided to the connected home, and describe the business model Utilities could use to become Digital Operators.

Smart Home and Utilities - 2020-07-14.pd[...]
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Smart Home : opportunities for Insurances as new Digital Operators - April 2020

In this presentation, we analyze the new digital services that can be provided to the connected home, and describe the business model Insurance companies could use to be a new kind of Digital Operators.

Smart Home and Insurance Companies - 202[...]
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Rethink our industry organization - March 2020

This paper explains the possible approach to a more balanced global industrialization, but highlighting the hidden costs in offshoring manufacturing. These costs could indeed increase in the future

Rethink our industry organization - 2020[...]
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Broadband Operators - Market analysis - March 2020

A short overview showing the consolidation of Broadband CPE market. Out of 1.4B broadband subscribers, 400M are with 60 large operators (>1M subs) making use of 20 CPE manufacturers relying on 4 silicon vendors.

Broadband gateway - Operator market Anal[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [454.3 KB]

Broadband and pay-TV CPE - Eco-system evolution - July 2019

2 slides to update the presentation below. It simply refresehes the names of the different actors (silicon, MW? OEMs', ODMs') as many changes happen on the market since then.

Broadband and Pay-TV - Update of actors.[...]
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Broadband and pay-TV CPE - Eco-system evolution - October 2015

This presentation describes the evolution of the different actors in the CPE manufacturing industry, from silicon vendors to ODMs, including SW vendors and OEM.  It gives a brief explanation of why the big OEMs tend to consolidate and how some others try to find alternative routes.

Broadband and PayTV - CPE ecosystem evol[...]
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An analysis of the CPE market - October 2015

This presentation gives an overview of the trends in the CPE market, for both the broadband residential gateways and the set-top boxes. It looks at the main features such as G. Fast, 802.11ac, UHD and HEVC, Android deployment..

An analysis of CPE market - 2015-10.pdf
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CPE supply chain - October 2015

This document gives a short explanation of how a typical supply chain for CPE manufacturing and shipment is organized, giving highlights on both air and sea shipments.

Supply chain intro - 2015-10-16.pdf
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E-business French market - January 2011

This document (in French) gives an overview of the e-business in France and the trends for the number of e-transactions. It shows a brief analysis of the frauds, and why the so-called "3D secure" mechanism brings some improvement but maybe not the best suited for consumers.

Marché e-commerce en France - 2011-01.pd[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [904.1 KB]


TV market evolution - March 2011

This document shows how the TV business moved from pure and simple broadcast method towards digital broadcast and then to connected TV. It explains the difficulty TV manufacturers are facing and why Telcos are well positioned with their boxes.

Connected TV and Telcos - 2011-03-05 BIS[...]
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DMA market potential - January 2011

This presentation explains why a market for DMA (Digital Media Adaptors) exists. It shows the advantages of these devices versus competition such as connected TV sets, game decks, HDD media centers or Google TV STB.

DMA study - 2011-01.pdf
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